“All that we do bears upon the memory of our ancestors. By our actions, we honour their name, or we stain it for our lifetime.”

Armon is a son of clan Attomar, a minor house in the Republic of Corindar. From their ancestral home of Standfast, the Attomars have staunchly defended the Republic since its dawn in the days of Durran the Great. Honour is their code, and duty is their armour – but in a world of treachery, deceit, and ambition, are those values a benefit, or a burden?

“The Life and Death of Armon Attomar” is a series of chapters in the life of a young man during a time of great change in the Corindian Republic. As he grows to manhood, Armon will come to learn that the world is far more complicated, and far less black-and-white, than he could have ever imagined…


Chapter One – A Child’s Tears

Chapter Two – First Blood

Appendix A: Map of Corindar



(Music ‘Imperium Aeternum’ by Eximius84)


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