Abigail and the birth of the Sun

As Abigail is getting ready for bed, she thinks of a question so big that she can’t think of anything else. She continues to ponder her question as she has her bath, changes into her pajamas, brushes her teeth and kisses her mummy goodnight. ThBirth of the solar systemen, as daddy tucks her into bed, she finally asks: “Daddy, where did the Sun and the planets come from?” What follows is an evocatively simple story of the birth of the solar system, written for children aged 1-5.

“Abigail and the birth of the Sun” is the story of an intensely curious little girl who seeks answers to some of life’s biggest questions. It is designed to encourage curiosity and promote scientific literacy among children in the pre-school age bracket. It is partially a celebration of the power of daydreaming, and partly a celebration of my precocious four-year-old daughter Abigail.

“Abigail and the birth of the Sun” is scheduled to be published by Penguin/Random House New Zealand in July 2019. If successful, I hope to write many more Abigail stories under this banner.


The Mountains

When the world ended, Lucas lost everything. His parents were killed in the first nuclear exchange, and his beautiful Claire, sweet and fiery by turns… well, such things do not Rifleman symbolbear speaking of, save to the bottom of an empty bottle. But ‘The Flash’, a mysterious burst of light that crippled what was left of society, restored purpose to his life. There is nothing like the mystery of the world’s ending to distract a man from his own guilty conscience. Lucas has questions – and those questions need answers.

With his best friend Seth, he sets out with a group of strangers to discover what lies on the other side of ‘The Mountains’, a mysterious wall of rock and ice that sprung from the earth during the Flash. Each of them is there for a reason, and each holds their secrets close to their hearts. But they are not alone – a deranged madman seeking to destroy what is left of the world, and a mysterious organisation known as the riflemen, are also hunting for the secrets of the mountains. Whoever gets there first will determine the future of humanity…

Losing the Light

Antory is the Captain of a unit of rangers stationed at the edge of the ‘Black Lands’, a land where the sun never rises and strange creatures supposedly roam. For many years he has defended the border with his sword – now, he fears that very same sword may be chipping away at everything that makes him human. The Black Lands change a man, they say… but is it from the darkness without, or the darkness within?

Now, a series of brutal murders sees him riding further into the Dark Lands than ever before in pursuit of his enemy. Driven by the need for vengeance, he cannot help but feel that each step into the darkness takes him further away from home and the love he left behind. Will the violence of a soldier’s life change him forever?

Read ‘Losing the Light’.

The Life and Death of Armon Attomar

(Music ‘Imperium Aeternum’ by Eximius84)

“All that we do bears upon the memory of our ancestors. By our actions, we honour their name, or we stain it for our lifetime.”

Armon is a son of clan Attomar, a minor house in the Republic of Corindar. From their ancestral home of Standfast, the Attomars have staunchly defended the Republic since its dawn in the days of Durran the Great. Honour is their code, and duty is their armour – but in a world of treachery, deceit, and ambition, are those values a benefit, or a burden?

“The Life and Death of Armon Attomar” is a series of chapters in the life of a young man during a time of great change in the Corindian Republic. As he grows to manhood, Armon will come to learn that the world is far more complicated, and far less black-and-white, than he could have ever imagined…

Read Chapter One – A Child’s Tears

Read Chapter Two – First Blood

Map of Corindar



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