IMG_0361.JPGMy name is Matthew Cunningham, and writing is my life.

I wrote my first ‘masterpiece’ in kindergarten. Unfortunately, I had yet to grasp the concept of writing in straight lines from left to right, so “The Clock” (a rather self-explanatory title) read more like a bowl of alphabet soup than a novel. Since that time, I’ve turned my hand to a number of different styles of fiction writing. My genres of choice are post-apocalyptic, fantasy, and children’s fiction. Underlying all of my work is a desire to communicate, explore and test complex ideas (such as scientific concepts, political theory, and culture clashes) in a way that engages the reader. You can read more about my work on my fiction page.

I am also a passionate and dedicated historian. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and spending several years as a professional nerd, I returned to university in 2008 to study history. Several years and thousands of pages later, I graduated with a PhD in History in 2015. My thesis examined mass conservative mobilisation in Australia and New Zealand during the Great Depression. I have published two oral histories, four peer-reviewed articles, several journalistic and encyclopedic pieces, and three Waitangi Tribunal research commissions. You can read more about my work on my non-fiction page.

Whether spinning a yarn or weaving together the threads of the past, I am a humble devotee of the written word. This website is dedicated to cataloguing my efforts. Read on as I climb, word by word, into the sacred annals of Fictiondom and the hallowed halls of the Ivory Tower.