Dear Website

Dear website,

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately. It’s not you, it’s me – I started a new job at the Waitangi Tribunal in July, and ever since then my life has been divided between the forty-hour working week, thesis work in the evenings and on weekends, and the occasional nap or two. Still, that’s no excuse for being neglectful, and I will try to be a better… er, website guy… from now on.

How am I? Why, I’m fine, thanks for asking. The new job is going well – I’m learning a lot about an area of New Zealand history about which I previously knew little. I’m also taking weekly classes in te reo Māori, although my current vocabulary would probably be outmatched by that of a two year old. The thesis is going slower than I’d like now that I’ve dropped back to part-time, although I still hope to have the final draft submitted by mid-next year. My latest peer-reviewed article has also just been released in the A-ranked journal Politics, Religion and Ideology, and I am teaching a three-week course on the politics of the Space Race at the VUW Community Continuing Education Centre in November.

My attempts to secure a literary agent for my novel, “The Mountains”, have been less successful so far. I’ve come to realise that finishing the manuscript is just the first step in a long journey towards publication – one that requires a thick skin and lots of perseverence. Time and distance has allowed me to revisit my manuscript with a fresh eye, and I’ve made some revisions that have resulted in a much more robust and cohesive narrative. It’s currently with a few agents and publishers in the U.S., and I have high hopes about one in particular.

It’s also mine and Helen’s three year wedding anniversary next month! Hard to believe it’s been three years already. Don’t tell her I said this, but she’s pretty damn awesome. If I accomplished nothing of note in my life except marrying her, it would be a life well lived. Love is the the water that nourishes the soul, the wind that lifts the spirit to its loftiest heights. Cheesy, but true – the Beatles were definitely on to something.

Anyway, it’s time for me to do the typical middle-class thing and get an early nights’ sleep. Cheerio, website – I promise I’ll visit again soon. Heh, perhaps we can catch up for a ‘byte’.


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