The circular logic of those who oppose same-sex marriage

The most annoying thing about any ongoing debate is having to counter the same points over and over again. Climate scientists face it every day – just how often do people need to be told that solar variation isn’t to blame for the current warming period? And how many times have New Zealand historians proven that there was no existing society in Aotearoa prior to the arrival of Maori?

Supporters of same-sex marriage deal with the same problem. Just a few days ago, Bob McCroskie regurgitated many of the tired old arguments against same-sex marriage in the Dominion Post. Rather than go to the trouble of responding to Bob’s article, i’ve put together the following generic flowchart demonstrating the circular (il)logic of those who oppose same-sex marriage.*

So, the next time you’re faced with similar arguments, don’t resort to the time-honoured facepalm; just remember that, for opponents of same-sex marriage, all roads end in a LOGIC FAIL.

* Whilst I was in the middle of designing my flowchart, a friend of mine pointed out that one already exists. Is it only coincidence that, as a former software engineer, mine is far more boring and business flow chart-like?