The Life and Death of Armon Attomar – take two

A few months ago I posted the first in a series of short stories set in the fictional Republic of Corindar. Since that time, i’ve been busily researching my way around Australia, which has left precious little time for fiction writing. Nevertheless, I’ve somehow scrounged up the time not only to write the second chapter, but also to give the whole series a thorough pimping.

How does one pimp a series of short stories, I hear you ask? Well, there are several ways. Firstly, you can give it a page of its own, instead of just linking each chapter off my fiction page. Secondly, you can create a map of the world, to give your readers something pretty to look at (and, more importantly, let them track where exactly the action is happening). Thirdly, and most importantly, you can create a video trailer for the series, and hopefully entice new readers with its shiny shinyness. Pimpage complete!

Thus, without further ado, I give you chapter two – first blood. I hope you enjoy it!

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