Hello, world!

“This is how the blog begins… not with a bang, but with a programming reference.”

Hello, and welcome to my new website / blog! I’ve been procrastinating about creating a site for months now, until I stumbled upon the idiot-proof wonder that is WordPress. I know, I know – a former software engineer designing a website using WordPress. How shameful!

I hope to use this site to keep track of my academic and fiction projects. Chances are, i’ll probably use it for the occasional rant, whether or the political, historical, or anecdotal variety. One day, Flying Spaghetti Monster and mass publication willing, this thing might just evolve into an official website. But until that day comes, I hope the three or four people who scroll through this out of sheer boredom find it interesting!

But back to the academic and fiction projects. I’ve got several things on the go at the moment. Academically-speaking, i’ve just had a third article accepted into a peer-reviewed publication, and I am now reworking it based off the reviewers’ comments. Fictionally-speaking, I have submitted my first novel – titled “The Mountains” – to an agent in the United States, and I have sent two short stories to sci-fi/fantasy magazines in Australia and the U.S. respectively. Being the patient man that I am (HA!), I am going nuts waiting to hear back about each of them. It’s like watching one of your children doing their first school play, and hoping that they aren’t… you know, shithouse. Or something.

Anyway, i’ve ignored my beautiful wife for long enough this evening, so I think I shall say adieu. Fingers crossed, the next time you hear from me, I will have some good news!



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